centre for women's studies

The status of women is a matter of great concern nationally. With more than 80% of the work of rural India dependent on women they draw only about 10% of the resources available to men. This gender bias has tendered to work against women and tended to deprive them of basic civil rights. There is an increasing awareness in the country about the socio economic value of women and the importance of women in the national economic development. A women or a girl child is a valuable resource but poorly utilised. Hence the need to study the psychology and the rationale behind this trend. There is also a rapid decline in the male-female ratio that may create problems twenty five years from now.

With these ideas in mind, the University, concerned as it was with a predominantly rural region with a large percentage of population being women in different age groups; approached the UGC for support. The proposal prepared by the University was approved and the centre has been functioning since July 1998.





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