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Tanmoy Som

Editor and Organising Secretary


The Proceeding of the National conference on Recent Developments in Mathematics and Applications, organized by the Department of  Mathematics., Assam University Silchar, India , during March 14-16, 2001 has been released recently.  It contains nine invited talks and sixteen contributed / reviewed papers in the areas of  Functional Analysis, Fuzzy Set Theory, Operations Research, Fluid/Bio/Wave Mechanics etc. and Applications by the delegates cum authors from reputed institutions, as listed below:-


Title -Author(s)                                                                                                            Page No.


From the desk of the Editor


I.  Invited talks


On kirk's theorem                                     

B.K. Lahiri                                                                                                                                  1


Metric fixed point theory

A.K. Chatterjee                                                                                                                           6


Aspects of categorical fuzzy toppology

Arun K. Srivastava                                                                                                                    31


Approaches to vagueness :fuzzy sets and rough sets

m.k. chakraborty and s. sar                                                                                                    36


HydromagnEtic Flow of a Second- Grade Fluid in a

Channel some Applications to Physiological Systems

A.S. Gupta                                                                                                                                49


Mathematical modelling in bio-mechanics of stenosed

arteries and head impact problems

J.C. Misra                                                                                                                                 64


Use of a perturbation technique in water wave problems                           

B.N. Mandal                                                                                                                             73


On Multi-item Inventory                       

D.K. Bhattacharaya                                                                                                                  83


On Statistical Convergence                

Binod Chandra Tripathy                                                                                                           90


II.  Reviewed Papers


s- induced l-fuzzy supra topological spaces

Anjan Mukherjee                                                                                                                      98


Fuzzy Compactness in L-Fuzzy topological spaces

R.N. Bhaumik and Jaydip Bhattacharya            104


Asymptotic Regularity and some fixed point Results                                      

on K-metric Spaces

T. Som and M. Nath                                                                                                                 110


Ideals and Divisibility in a Ring with

respect to a Fuzzy Subset                     

A.K.Ray and T.Ali                                                                                                                    115


On Backlund transformations and integrability

A. Ghose Choudhury                                                                                                               121


An inverse solution for journal bearings lubricated

with temperature dependent couple stress fluids

N.C. Das and D. Das Choudhury                                                                                             128


Use of a hypersingular integral equation in water                                        

wave scattering by thin curved plate

Mridula Kanoria                                                                                                                      139


A Theoretical study of Herschel- Bulkley Fluid                                                

Model of Blood

D.Biswas and J.Chowdhury                                                                                                     147


Bingham Plastic Model of Blood Flow Through an

Artery with slip

D. Biswas and K. Dey                                                                                                              157


a numerical study of casson fluid model for                                                     

pulsatile flow of blood

d. Biswas and T.D. Mazumdar                                                                                                165


Jupiter : A brown dwarf like planet in our                                                            

solar system

Koushik Ghosh                                                                                                                         172


Prime number generator algorithm

Bipul Syam Purkayastha and Shahin Ara Begum                                                                   178


General Solution of the Combinatorial Problems                                            

Using the Control Structure              

Bipul Syam PurkayasthaArindam Bhattacharjee

and Aparajita Das                                                                                                                   182


Distortion Induced Resonance Raman Intensity of Nickel                            

Octoethyl PorPhyrin : A group theoretic analysis

Sujit Tewari and Ramendu Bhattacharjee          185


Allocative efficiency in a traditional orissan                                                  

agriculture : A linear programming approach

P. Nayak                                                                                                                                  191


data analysis with bayesian techniques : a review

Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee




Limited copies of the Proceedings is available @ Rs 225 (30$ / 16L)  and Rs 350 (50$ / 10L) for library / Institution (including postal charges) Organizing Secretary, National Conference, Dept. of Mathematics, Assam University, Silchar-788011, India along with a Bank Draft of above amount in favour of Finance Officer,  Assam University, Silchar and payable at Silchar.


Date 6-9-02                                                                                                      (T. Som)

                                                                                                           Organising Secretary